Introducing our student leaders

We are extremely proud to announce that we have completed the application process for our lead students for 2019-2020. Congratulations to Declan Carr and Rosine McMinnis (pictured centre) who are our Lead Students and Ace Bailey and Katie Russell who will become our Deputy Lead Students.

They had to go through an application process with an interview and the successful candidates were then invited to present their ideas to the whole school in assemblies. All students and staff then voted for the candidate that they felt would best represent them.

They have already been active in supporting the senior team to interview teachers for the school, including our new Vice Principals and showing visitors around the school.

They are keen to ensure that more students have a voice and that the communication team and action groups become more pro-active in the school community.


Here is a link to the latest edition of the Graham Gazette, our newsletter about all the great things that have happened in Graham School this half term.… Amazing and inspiring stuff! #TeamGraham