Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Letter to parents – Examinations Summer 2021

Year 11 Examinations Update

I am writing to parents and carers to update you on the latest information released to schools about examinations for Year 11 this year. I apologise for the length of this letter, however I felt it was important to share with you everything we know so far.

As a result of the disruption students and learners have faced due to the pandemic, the government has said that many exams and assessments cannot be held this year in a way which is fair. All parts of the education system are working together to make sure that your child is still able to get  grades to enable them to carry on with their lives, whether that is continuing with education or training, or going into the workplace. To be of value, qualifications must reflect what your child knows, understands and can do and must be widely understood and respected.

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Y9 students were invited to breakfast today. They all had an excellent year and are great role models! Miss Robins enjoyed hearing about career aspirations: dentist, lawyer, journalist, actor, teacher(we hope at #TeamGraham!), B&B proprietor and plans to go to university! 🥐👏🤩…