Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Letter to Y11 parents – mock exams

Year 11 – mock exams

As a result of the Covid-19 positive cases in Year 11, and our decision to ask all Year 11 students to self-isolate we have rescheduled the mock exams. The exams will start when the students return from their period of self-isolation.

The mock period will start on Thursday 3 December and end on Friday 18 December, which is the last day of term.

Read the full letter here 

View the mock exam timetable for December 2020 (please note that the timetable has been slightly revised on 17 November)



Attached is the letter detailing arrangements for Year 10 Parent's Evening on 1st December. Year 10 is a crucial year for our students so we would encourage as many parents as possible to attend so we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for them. #TeamGraham…