Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Further Maths

Level 2 Further Maths

100% Exam, No Controlled Assessment

Led by: Ms G Taylor

Exam Board: AQA

The qualification is suitable for students from Year 10 onwards, who are expected to get grades 7 – 9 in GC SE Mathematics and who are likely to progress to A Level study in Mathematics and possibly Further Mathematics.

What will I be studying?

The iGCSE in Further Mathematics places an emphasis on higher order technical proficiency, rigorous argument, algebraic reasoning and problem-solving skills. It is an iGCSE style qualification. Transferable skills such as Cognitive, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills will be taught to enable students to face the demands of further and higher education, as well as the demands of the workplace.

What can I do afterwards?

The iGCSE in Further Mathematics prepares students for progression to further study of mathematics at AS and A level, and also to the study of Core Mathematics. This qualification also supports further training and employment where mathematical skills are required.

Subject Content

1) Number, 2) Algebra, 3) Coordinate geometry, 4) Calculus, 5) Matrix transformations, 6) Geometry


Attached is the letter detailing arrangements for Year 10 Parent's Evening on 1st December. Year 10 is a crucial year for our students so we would encourage as many parents as possible to attend so we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for them. #TeamGraham…