Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Election of Parent Local Governor on the (Graham/George Pindar School) Local Governing Committee

Election of Parent Local Governor on the (Graham/George Pindar School) Local Governing Committee

I am writing to you to inform you about an election of parent local governors. The Local Governing Committee, when it is complete, comprises 13 local governors of which two will be elected by the parents. There are currently 2 parent local governor vacancies within school. Parent local governors will serve for four years, unless they resign during their term of office. They can continue in office even when their children have left the school in order to complete their term.

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Attached is the letter detailing arrangements for Year 10 Parent's Evening on 1st December. Year 10 is a crucial year for our students so we would encourage as many parents as possible to attend so we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for them. #TeamGraham…