Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


School Meals

Cafeteria & Catering

Hutchison’s Catering provides catering services to the academy. They offer a selection of main meals, vegetarian options, side dishes and a range of puddings and desserts. They also offer a ‘grab and go’ menu on a daily basis. Alternatively, packed lunches can be brought from home and eaten in the same area. Water is provided.

Graham School operates a Cashless Cafeteria. This has many advantages including

  • Students do not need to carry cash in school
  • Money put on the system can only be used for school meals
  • Free meal allocation is anonymous at point of sale
  • Meals can be taken on either site, regardless of where the money has been paid on to the system

Before purchasing a meal, students need to credit their account. This can be done either by using ParentPay, an online method of payment, cheque or cash.

Students entitled to a free school meal will have their accounts credited with their allowance daily, and it can be used at both morning break and/or lunchtime. This amount can be topped up by parents if they wish.

ParentPay, the online payment system, allows parents to pay for both school meals and school trips online at any time of the day. There is a minimum payment of £10. Payments are usually received onto the cashless catering system within an hour of payment and balances on the catering system as well as meals taken are available to view at the end of each day. This system avoids students bringing cash into school and also avoids them having to queue at the revaluation machines at break time or to pay for school trips.

Food Menus

Please click the links below for our updated tariffs and menus;