Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Independent Study

Independent Study

At Graham School ‘homework’ is referred to as Independent Study. It is expected that all students complete their Independent Study as part of their learning journey in each subject area. As part of Independent Study, students can be asked to undertake one of the following tasks:

·         Research and Read

·         Revise and Revisit

·         Rehearse and Refine

Independent Study tasks will be linked to the learning that is taking place in the lessons. Students will be rewarded for completing Independent Study tasks. The praise given will be in the form of stamps, postcards home and phone calls home. Sanctions will not be issued for students who fail to complete a task; however, conversations will take place to establish any barriers, and to support all students in engaging in the work. Parents will be informed if their child is not engaging in any Independent Study tasks. 

Tasks and resources will be accessible to all students and differentiated to support SEND students where appropriate.

The frequency of Independent Study tasks will depend on the subject area and the amount of curriculum time a student has in that area. Practical subjects and the Arts subjects may set ‘rehearsal and refine’ tasks. Whilst subjects like English and History may require students to ‘research’ topics or to ‘read’ texts in advance of their lessons.

Revise and Revisit tasks will be set as Independent Study for all students in advance of their assessments. This is important to ensure that we build students’ academic resilience and ability to revisit their learning and prepare for examinations. All students will be taught how to revise independently in each subject area, to support them with the preparations for their assessments or examinations. It is therefore important that when students are asked to take their books home to revise, that they look after them and remember to bring all books into school for their next lesson.

Our Independent Study tasks are often set on Google Classroom. Here is a video to support students and parents in understanding how to use Google Classroom’

Independent Study tasks

Here are the Independent Study tasks that students can expect to be set by their subject teachers:

Independent Study Tasks – Year 11
Independent Study Tasks – Year 10
Independent Study Tasks – Year 9
Independent Study Tasks – Year 8
Independent Study Tasks – Year 7

Students can access the library during some of their social time and after school, where they have access to a computer, chrome book, fiction texts and non-fiction texts. Please encourage the use of this resource.  It may be possible to support students with their Independent Studies by lending them a Laptop or Chrome-book. Work will often be set on Google Classroom; however, paper copies can be provided for those students who struggle to access digital work.

Sparx Maths is the platform that we use to support students’ progress in Maths. Spax Maths sets students Independent Study tasks that are designed to meet the needs of the individual learner, with exactly the right amount of challenge and support. Below is a video to remind students how to log into Sparx Maths as well as a video to support parents/carers in understanding how Sparx Maths works.

Link: Sparx Maths – Student Log-in video
Link: How Sparx works – Parent/Carer video

More information about the curriculum and teaching and learning can be found on the school website.  Alternatively, if you have any specific question then please do not hesitate to contact the school or to email the Assistant Vice Principal for the Quality of Education