Primary Transition

Are you joining Graham School in September 2021?

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Primary Transition arrangements for 2021

Our current plan for transition this year

Each of the following sections are key elements to the transition process. We are having to do them differently this year due to the unprecedented times we are experiencing. However, we will plan to make sure your start here in September includes some fun and exciting activities.


School visits and transition booklet

Mr Peattie (Assistant Vice Principal) has visited many students in their primary school this month in order to provide key information, alleviate any worries and answer many, many questions. We had planned a transition day for July 9 where Year 6 pupils would come to Graham School for a day to meet their new tutors, get to know the school buildings and experience typical Year 7 lessons, however, with the extension of Covid restrictions announced on June 14, 2021 by the Government this day can no longer take place.

We are still able to meet with individual families and are very happy to arrange short visits after school for a tour and talk. We will also, as part of our enhanced transition process, invite our most vulnerable learners, along with a member of their primary staff, to school for a short meeting and tour. This will be done strictly in bubbles and very small numbers at a time that ensures they will not encounter any current Graham School ‘bubbles’.

We have provided every family with a detailed transition booklet in advance, which we hope answers many of your questions, just in case these visits cannot happen. Click here to download a copy of the 2021 Transition booklet.

The following videos will hopefully give you and your child a feel for what Graham School is like; Graham School Transition 2020 video was produced by our staff and key worker students (during a national lockdown), and has some important messages together with a virtual tour of the school, presented by Year 7 and 8 students. The Graham School Transition 2021 video includes a message from the Principal, Miss Robins, Head of Year 7, Mr Hutchinson, Behaviour Support Officer, Miss Hatton and some Year 7 students.

Summer School 2021

Summer School will run from July 26 to July 30 and is available for all students. Your transition booklet included a letter that needs to be returned to Graham School by June 25 to secure your child’s place and therefore allow our staff to plan an exciting week.

Due to the traditional transition days not happening again this year I would encourage every child to come to Summer School for at least 2 days. This will allow them to make new friends, see the school in its entirety, enjoy the learning and activities that will be on offer and grow in confidence, making a September start much smoother.

Form groups and setting

During your first week at Graham School we expect that most activities will be completed within form groups to ensure strong relationships are created. We will also work with Year 6 teachers to identify who may need extra support and Mrs Atkinson, our SENDCO, will ensure the relevant support is in place for when pupils start with us in September. Mrs Atkinson has been in contact with your primary schools to gather valuable information that will allow us to meet the needs of all students who require additional support. We also appreciate that parents may be concerned due to the lack of Year 6 data this year. Again, your Year 6 teachers have been sending us progress data on every child to help us gauge their strengths and weaknesses. To form as accurate a picture as possible we will complete our own in-school assessments in September (as usual).



Friendships are a priority and your Year 6 teachers have informed us of which students in your primary school should be kept together and likewise who should be given a fresh start from each other in September.


Parent Transition Meetings 2021

We would normally have held a number of parent meetings, both in the primary schools and at Graham School to inform and support parents through the transition process. We are in the process in trying to plan the best way to carry these out, however, by the time the Government next announce their plans we may not have enough time left in the school year to facilitate these meetings.

Helpful information for parents 2021

You may find the following resources helpful regarding your child’s transition from primary school to Graham School. You can choose to download either the Powerpoint or PDF file below (both contain the same information).

Powerpoint file: Welcome to Graham School 2021

PDF file: Welcome to Graham School 2021


Welcome from your Head of Year, Mr Hutchinson

I am Mr Hutchinson and along with a team of Year 7 form tutors and Miss Hatton who is the Behaviour Support Officer, we will do our utmost to ensure your child is happy, settled and confident. Our aim is that every child enjoys their first and all future years here at Graham School and will be able to look forward with optimism for the future that awaits them.

This is not only an exciting time, but also a ‘fresh start’; an opportunity to create a positive lasting impression, to embark on new adventures and to become a successful, caring and respected individual within our community.

From the very first moments in Graham School, form tutors will help your child feel secure and make friends within their tutor group and across the year. They will encourage your child to take advantage of the many clubs (pandemic not withstanding), activities and social events over the course of the year, whilst maintaining our Positive Discipline (PD) system and encouraging our students to become more independent and well-rounded.

As a pastoral team along with Miss Hatton and myself, we will be there to guide your child and solve any problems they may encounter. This is a really important time in your child’s life and I and the Year 7 team will strive to ensure it is positive and memorable. Should you have any questions regarding transition please don’t hesitate to email me at

Mr. Hutchinson, Head of Year 7


Y10 students had their rewards breakfast with Miss Robins today. They are all making good progress and we are very proud of them! #Rewards #Progress #GrowAtGraham…