Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins



Reading at Graham School

At Graham School we place a huge emphasis on cultivating a culture in which students develop a love of reading, both within and outside of the classroom environment. We work to support students to develop fluency in their reading so they can access the curriculum fully, as well as appreciate reading for pleasure. We support those who find reading difficult with a variety of programmes, all delivered by our dedicated Reading Team who work from our bespoke Reading Room, as well as using our extensive and highly prized library and librarian.

The school library is an excellent resource which is enjoyed by all students in their library lessons and in social time. Our librarian proactively encourages students to use the facilities to their full potential, running various clubs and activities all designed to enhance students ability to read.

For further details on how we approach the teaching of reading, please see our Trust and school policies via the links below

Link: Graham School Reading Strategy 2022/23

Link: Cross Phase Trust Reading Strategy 2022/23

Link: Teaching Reading Across School

Other Information

Link: Reading for Pleasure Booklist