Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Meet The Professional

Meet the professional

As part of our mission to increase employer contact for our students we run a programme called “Meet the Professional” you may have seen our sessions advertised on social media each week and in the “Graham Gazette.” We have had a wide selection so far; Nursing, Photography, working with Horses, Physiotherapy, careers in Film and TV and many more….

As part of this programme we invite guest professionals from as many career pathways as possible in order to inform our students of the breadth of careers available to them in line with their abilities and interests. The talks are very interesting and inspirational for our students and we would welcome contact from any parents and employers, many of you may be both, to contact school if you would be willing to speak with our students about your profession.

If you think you could offer a session to our students we would really like to hear from you. 

Please get in touch!

Pippa Harker
Careers Adviser