Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Student pathways

What are the four pathways?

There are four possible pathways available to the students and we have made a recommendation to each student as to what pathway they should be following. This decision has been made based on numerous factors including attainment at the end of primary school, and progress made so far at Graham School.

These are recommendations and we are able to discuss amendments to this if you wish to. Some students have a choice of pathways and need to start by deciding which one is right for them. The four pathways are called:

  • Enhanced
  • Standard
  • Supported
  • Tailored

The Enhanced Pathway allows students to attain the full EBacc qualification by studying a modern foreign language and a humanities subject plus two other option subjects.

The Standard Pathway allows students to follow an EBacc-based course as well as three other option subjects.

The Supported Pathway allows students to have more input in their English and Maths GCSE courses, an EBacc-based subject plus two other option subjects.

The Tailored Pathway allows students to have access to life skills through the ASDAN programme as well as  two options from a carefully selected set of courses tailored to their needs.

By the end of February 2021, you will receive a letter in the post which will recommend the pathway you should take. 


Please watch the video below to hear Mrs Shires explaining the Pathways.


We are here to help! If you have any queries about the options process, please contact: Mrs Shires or Mr Moore.



Y9 students were invited to breakfast today. They all had an excellent year and are great role models! Miss Robins enjoyed hearing about career aspirations: dentist, lawyer, journalist, actor, teacher(we hope at #TeamGraham!), B&B proprietor and plans to go to university! 🥐👏🤩…