Principal - Emma Robins
Principal - Emma Robins


Summer School 2021

Our Summer School ran from 26 July to 30 July inclusive and all 193 students in Year 6 were invited to attend. 131 students confirmed a place for between 2 and 5 days at Summer School. Our curriculum was based on the following activities:

  • Interactive maths – using fractions
  • STEM – technology based problem solving and construction project
  • PE – outdoor team sports
  • Dance/Drama – learning new skills, being creative, working as a team
  • Science – theory and practical activities
  • Art – develop skills, creativity based on individual interests
  • Craft – textiles, sewing, making bespoke key rings
  • Rewards assembly and performances of dance routines learned throughout the week for judging

We also provided a team building day using an ‘It’s a Knockout’ style external provider.

This year, our Summer School was funded by the Department for Education and totalled £24,031.59 of which a breakdown of costs are as follows:

Graham School: Summer School 2021 costs
Free School Meals£1,680
Total costs£24,031.59

Thank you to everyone who attended! It was a very positive week and it has certainly benefitted those Year 6 students moving into Year 7. Summer School allows for making new friends, becoming familiar with your new school’s surroundings, meeting staff and building relationships and learning new skills. Students who attend Summer Schools have a much smoother start to September with regards to well-being and learning. We will be running a Summer School next year too!